The Tsurumi pumps, which were installed earlier this year at the Novo Selo military training facility in Sliven, eastern Bulgaria, are a mix of aerators, agitators, cutters, decanters and sewage pumps.
The facility needed a new wastewater treatment system as part of an ongoing €50 million development. Tsurumi provided its pumping equipment and expertise to create a tailor-made, self-contained easy to maintain solution.
The pumps are all positioned in and around two large cylindrical tanks measuring approximately 35 m long and 4 m wide that are buried underground. These plastic cylinders are the biological stage of the wastewater treatment process. They work as sequencing batch reactors and are connected to the base’s sanitation system through a network of pipes.
The 47 pumps at the base include 22 aerators installed as free-standing units within the two tanks. The remaining 25 comprise two cutter pumps, two agitators, three decanters, four channel impeller pumps and 14 vortex impeller pumps.