The thick components of Caprari's P6P and P8P pumps should provide robustness and wear resistance.

The P6P and P8P are part of Caprari’s Energy range. The efficiency curves of the products aim to provide high performance in the whole operation field. The hydraulic project allows operating with no motor overload. Moreover, the head per stage allows reaching duty points with very compact pump bodies, providing robustness and reduced overall dimensions.

The casting process chosen by Caprari should significantly improve the product in terms of efficiency and duration.  The thick components grant great robustness and wear resistance, and the ultra-smooth surfaces with no discontinuity facilitates the fluid flow.

The pumps feature anti-recirculation lip bearings and the Defender system. They can operate in the presence of water with high sand concentration (solid content up to 80 g/m³) or seawater infiltrations.