Hydrascan's Wiedemann & Reichhardt high volume water jetting recycling lorries at work.
Hydrascan's Wiedemann & Reichhardt high volume water jetting recycling lorries at work.

Hydrascan has taken delivery of a fleet of custom-built Wiedemann & Reichhardt high volume water jetting recycling lorries. The vehicles will function with Hydrascan's innovative Typhoon equipment, and have been designed to the highest industry standard. 

The chassis specified is a large Scania 8x4 R Series, with a 560bhp V8 engine and a 12 speed gear box, the superstructure was designed and built in conjunction with the engineers at Wiedemann and Reichardt.

Entirely constructed using stainless steel, providing the specified high degree of sound proofing, this high volume water jetting recycler has a jetting tank capacity of 6000L, and a debris tank capacity of 10,000L. The machine can be used on both clean and dirty water systems as it has the ability to filter and re-use water from the pipe, and this is relevant for all types of cleaning.

Equipped with two powerful 406lpm (90 gpm) Uraca P345 pumps, these run together to produce 812lpm (180gpm) at a maximum pressure of 170 bar (2466psi). The KW4000 liquid ring vacuum pump can move 4000m3/h of air.

The recycling is fully automated and is supplied with water from the debris tank via a floating screen which has it's own jet cleaning system. Debris water initially passes through cyclone cleaning to remove debris and detritus, and is then directed into the jetter tank where it undergoes further cyclone cleaning treatment. The fully recycled and clarified water is then used to supply the jetting pumps.

Eco-friendly, the specifications include a food grade greasing system and food grade biodegradable hydraulic oil. Operator safety is paramount, and the unit is equipped with a remote control unit that allows full equipment operation where it might otherwise pose a health and safety risk, such as excavations.

Supplied with two 1.5in hose reels, the lower reel is fully demountable and has a capacity of 300m of jetting hose.  To reach the greater lengths sometimes needed by the Typhoon jetting system, the hose reels can be joined to facilitate a distance of 500-600m. A 250kg winch is fitted to lower the Typhoon cleaning heads into water mains. The upper hose also has a reel capacity of 300m, and can move through 180 degrees around the rear of the truck (also extending it by 1.25m), which allows the unit to be used at 90 degrees to either side of the truck.