While the single-pump units can pump up to 35 m3/h, dual-pump units up to 46 m3/h, with a maximum head of 21 m for single-pump units and 24 m for dual-pump units. The lifting units are designed for fluid temperatures of up to 40°C in continuous operation and for a maximum of three minutes they can handle fluid temperatures of up to 90°C. The integrated swing check valve prevents drainage of the discharge line after the pump has been switched off and the collecting tanks made of impact-resistant plastic can accommodate a broad range of submersible motor pumps. The unit’s inlet and vent lines are offset by 180° for connection on either side and have graded diameters to provide for smooth connection to the local facilities.

The units are designed to automatically drain areas of buildings and premises below the sewer backwash level. This includes the disposal of domestic waste water from washing machines, washbasins, sinks, showers or bathtubs. The new lifting units are also suitable for the disposal of highly contaminated or fibre-containing waste water from industrial applications, such as laundries or common washing facilities with several washing machines or dishwashers. They can also be used as overflow protection for rainwater harvesting systems or inlet tanks of fire-fighting systems.
Ama-Drainer-Box units are available in above-floor or underfloor versions. KSB also offers variants for aggressive or oil-containing wastewater.