New ABB motor range

ABB’s new motor range, designed specifically to meet the Water Industry Mechanical and Electrical (WIMES) specification, offers end-users and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) a wide choice of motor designations and options for use in any motor-driven application in the water sector.

Greater protection against external conditions found in the water and wastewater industry are built into the WIMES compliant motor. These range from a stainless steel nameplate to a frame made of high grade robust cast iron with a surface treatment to C3M corrosion tolerance according to ISO 12944-2: 2007. V-ring seals and labyrinth seals are used to protect the shaft and internal components.

Dave Hawley, general manager for ABB’smotors and generators in the UK says: “ABB has worked with The Pump Centre and water utilities in the development of WIMES 3.03 issue 6 dated October 2014, designed specifically to address the requirements of low voltage electric motors. ABB has produced a range of motors for the water and wastewater industry that exceed the standards set out by WIMES and provide public and private utilities, OEMs and our Authorised Value Providers with fully compliant motors.”