A regional sewer district in Kentucky was planning to replace outdated lift station pumps, the general contractor turned to Rain for Rent to engineer a bypass solution that could replicate the flow of 18 million gallons per day at 500 feet of total dynamic head – an extreme requirement for a temporary pumping solution.

To achieve the required high flow and high head capacity, Rain for Rent recommended a dual stage pumping system to provide the necessary pressure. That system was then combined with a float system attached to pump controllers and alarm monitors to track sewage levels at each stage, automating the pump operation based on flow, level or pressure.

Given the complexity of the system, Rain for Rent’s experienced crew included local branch personnel, a Sewer and Water A Team (SWAT) specialist and a senior Rain For Rent engineer to ensure that the entire system was performing as designed.

The general contractor chose Rain for Rent specifically because of its proven ability to engineer and implement complex solutions. Rain for Rent engineers worked closely with the contractor from the very early planning stages to ensure a seamless bypass installation and the delivery of the high capacity required.