GVA is headquartered in Wülfrath, Germany and has a production site in Sangerhausen.

“By acquiring GVA, Wilo SE has taken an important step towards expanding its activities in the sewage sector. Innovative sewage treatment requires the right experience and economical and environmentally friendly technology, which is particularly important due to climate change, demographic trends and the increasing scarcity of water,” said Carsten Krumm, a member of Wilo’s executive board.
Wilo says that the acquisition of GVA, which is retroactive from 1 January 2016, is another important milestone in its development from a component supplier to a full-line system supplier for biological sewage treatment.
“The GVA product range complements Wilo’s portfolio perfectly,” said Krumm. “Plant efficiency and economy also depend on optimal service and maintenance, which we also offer in packages tailored for the project.”
GVA’s current managing director René Brunßen will continue to manage the business as part of the Wilo Group.