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Knowing which membrane system solution is best for your water treatment challenge can help you increase plant efficiency, while reducing operating and chemical costs, and complying with increasingly stringent discharge regulations.

The majority of opportunities for Ultrafiltration (UF) involve clarification of solutions containing suspended solids, removal of viruses and bacteria or high concentrations of macromolecules, including tertiary wastewater treatment. However high-solids feed waters can pose a significant challenge for many UF membrane systems.

Traditional UF filter cartridges have tightly packed dual-header designs, which restrict fiber movement, creating dead zones where solids can accumulate. This ‘fiber sludging’ reduces membrane surface area, system output and energy efficiency.

But how is the technology developing in this field?

One example is Koch Membrane Systems’ MegaPure(TM) - a hollow fiber ultrafiltration system for high solids and water and wastewater, which uses a single-potting design to allow the membrane fibers to move freely within the cartridge. This open configuration permits aeration to penetrate the fiber bundle and release filtered solids during air scouring.

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This webinar will:

  • Summarise EU and other legislation and how it is driving tertiary treatment and phosphorus removal
  • Look at which legislation could increase the need for additional treatment steps
  • Examine existing UF technologies for tertiary treatment applications and profile how each of them are used with a certain type of water
  • Introduce the KMS MegaPure UF system
  • Present operating data from initial MegaPure pilot plants, as well as system design examples

Who should attend?

  • Decision makers of engineering companies involved in water and wastewater
  • Designers involved in water and wastewater
  • End users of water and wastewater treatment installations

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