Designed entirely in-house, the new bespoke document management system enables Amarinth to respond more effectively and efficiently from first point of contact at the bid phase to final delivery of the pumps in supplying, managing and tracking all the documentation required.

Customers can track all of their documents and their relevant status at any time through a secure project web enabled interface.  
The system is built around Lotus Notes and is fully integrated with all Amarinth corporate back-end systems and front end customer web interfaces.
Oliver Brigginshaw, managing director of Amarinth, said: “We know that documentation is one of the big issues in our industry. We have drawn on our years of experience to create a bespoke solution that really does meet, if not exceed, the needs of the industry. In particular, contractors will see significant financial benefits of utilising Amarinth’s web documentation system as it’s totally transparent and keeps the pressure on both parties to get documentation approved quickly, ensuring all parties get paid as soon as possible.”