The SP10 and SP22 pumps provide maximum flow rates of 12 m3/hr and 45 m3/hr respectively and maximum discharge heads of 13 m and 37 m.

They are fabricated from corrosion-resistant materials that make it easier for them to withstand the rigours of the most challenging applications. They are can handle fluids with high specific gravities up to 1.8, such as sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid and sodium and potassium hydroxide.
Finish Thompson’s SP pumps have deep lift capabilities (up to 7.6 m) and fast priming (5.5 m in 90 seconds). They are run using magnetic drive technology and there no seals to replace and no leaks. The pumps can run dry without damage.
 The pumps are available in a choice of polypropylene or PVDF which results in a tough and durable, corrosion resistant pump. Maximum operating temperatures are 82°C for the polypropylene version and 104°C for the PVDF version.
Typical applications include sump emptying, transferring from underground storage tanks and tanker trucks, pumping in systems that are liable to have trapped or entrained air and in process systems where run-dry protection is needed.