Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum is offering optimized solutions for applications for leather vacuum drying technology with its family of DRYVAC pumps.

As part of the leather-making process is the need to remove excess water as leather acquires its final texture, consistency and flexibility in the drying operations. Leather vacuum drying is key to augmenting the surface properties of leather. It enables modification of the quality of leather, correction of textural faults and inconsistencies, and increases its lifecycle significantly.

Vacuum drying involves leather being placed on a hot plate within an insulated chamber and its water content being removed by creating a vacuum inside the chamber. Vacuum technology is superior to older technology because moisture evaporates more quickly under vacuum and reduces waste water.

The Dryvac series has been specifically developed for process industry applications. All versions of the Dryvac family are water cooled, very compact and can be mounted to various vacuum systems. Depending on the application the pumps are available with various equipment components.

The impact on our environment is a critical factor for businesses these days. The Indian leather industry, which is dependent on exports to a very large extent, is sensitive to this. Moreover, the older technology involving liquid ring pumps requires post water treatment, which adds to the cost as well as reduces efficiency.