The double acting hydraulically actuated pumphead is designed to accommodate applications such as glycol, methanol, polymer and hydrocarbon condensate injection of up to 400 bar and 150°C. This pumphead offers users double the flow capacity of a single traditional diaphragm head, and, compared to a conventional duplex pump, it can save space and weight because only one gear box is required to drive the equivalent of two pumpheads. Thedouble diaphragm pumphead can also provide leak-free operation and prevent the safety and environmental problems associated with the escape of dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere.

It comes with variable flow control with the liquid end manufactured as standard from stainless steel. For corrosive and aggressive applications, other materials are available.
The double acting diaphragm pumphead is suitable for applications where Bran + Luebbe Novados H Series pumps are typically employed. There is a choice of pressure gauge or switch rupture detection device backed up to the internal pressure relief valve and mechanically actuated replenishing system, including the facility to accommodate condition monitoring.