Weir says the VTSP will last up to four times longer in solids handling when compared and tested with the Floway vertical turbine pump bearing assembly.

The VTSP bearing design allows for continuous operation in slurry with a solid content of up to 10% by weight and excursions of 20% by weight during temporary upset conditions. This allows for more time between required maintenance and helps cut operational costs.
“We listened to our customers when they expressed the need for an abrasives solids handling vertical turbine pump which would last longer than the available designs in the market,” said Barry Cockerham, managing director of Weir Minerals Floway Pumps. 
“Due to the demanding nature of abrasive services, design innovation was required to realize a significant improvement in wear life. After extensive design work and both in-house and field testing, the new VTSP product line demonstrated a notable advantage over traditional vertical turbine designs,” said Daniel Boldt, product engineering manager at Weir Minerals Floway Pumps.