Promotion through press releases

Companies sometimes ask our editorial team how their press releases can be published in World Pumps. Until recently I had to put pen to paper myself, but now I can do no better than refer people to the website of our sister magazine Reinforced Plastics, where its editor, Amanda Jacob, has written two excellent blogs on how to get a press released published. Each a demonstration of clarity and entitled: How to get a press release published part 1 and How to get a press release published part 2.

Many press releases received by the World Pumps team include the words and phrases below to describe the product and manufacturer. As colourful as they are, they often stump the sub-editors and their assistants so it would be great to have a few fresh terms for 2013. Perhaps readers can supply their own definitions to World Pumps Magazine.  


key player

leading manufacturer

unique and innovative features

suitable for demanding applications

suitable for wide range of applications

acknowledged as the world’s leading manufacturer

a complete solution for the most demanding situations

low maintenance and long service life which result in low overall total cost of ownership

features easy set up and commission

ready-to-use solution in highly efficient designs

an intuitive operator interface