Keeping the grass green at Wimbledon

Water therefore plays a significant role, but this is not just about watering the courts, as to achieve the absolute perfect playing surface, each court has to be watered to meet its own precise needs. In fact during the two weeks of the Championships up to 160,000 litres of water are used to keep the courts perfect, depending on weather conditions.

To aid them, is an arsenal of Grundfos pumps, all living their quiet existence at the grounds, far from the eyes of spectators and tennis stars. However, this secluded life of the pumps and systems belies their importance, according to the ground staff, as all the equipment needs to work flawlessly as any breakdown could have serious consequences.

The Grundfos impact at these Championships does not end with the irrigation systems, the company has managed to supply all the pumps and related solutions to this iconic venue, where they help get the job done without creating a fuss.

With the eyes of the world on Wimbledon for only 2 weeks, it may be easy to forget that this is actually an ongoing 52 weeks of the year project to deliver this Championship the significant global event that is supported by a small army of Grundfos pumps.