Finding solutions for HVAC management

The Italian pump manufacturer SAER Elettropompe S.p.A has been a specialist in the water sector since 1951, producing over 800 different types of pumps in plants in Reggio Emilia in north Italy. Here, we examine three of the company’s latest products for HVAC applications.

SAER’s split case SKD pump range consists of more than 80 models (from 15 to 1200kW), with flow rates up to 4500 m³/h.
SAER’s split case SKD pump range consists of more than 80 models (from 15 to 1200kW), with flow rates up to 4500 m³/h.

The vertical in-line series
SAER’s L series of in-line pumps is sturdy and compact and the L pumps are designed and engineered in the context of SAER’s 70 years of experience in the water sector. The L series is a response to the need to offer an alternative on the market that is both reliable, efficient and with low consumption values.

The L series includes 170 models, including pumps from DN 25 to DN 150, with powers from 0.18 to 90 kW, 2 and 4 poles. There are close-coupled versions (for models with flange up to DN 65) and those with a rigid joint (for DN 80 and above). The models are designed for operations up to 140°C as standard, due to the ductile iron construction of the pressurised parts. The SAER L series is intended for applications in both the civil and industrial fields, where pumps commonly have to deal with high temperatures. The operating pressure for the L series is PN 16 and PN25 on request for sizes up to DN 50.

SAER’s catalogue offers standard solutions as well as a full range of options and accessories, so that customers can find the pump that exactly fits the needs of their specific application.

Close coupled IR series
IR pumps are one of the most well-known and popular series from SAER. The company is now releasing its new, updated catalogue which, with the different materials available, includes more than 800 models available in 2 and 4 poles, with outlets from DN32 to DN200 and power ratings from 0.37 kW to 90 kW.

The latest news is that there is a super duplex version now available, in addition to the cast iron, stainless steel AISI 316, bronze and spheroidal cast iron one (for hot water). There are also new sizes and 2 and 4 poles for power up to 90 kW, along with a version with an IE 4 efficiency motor.

Both the L and IR series can also be offered with inverter on motor board up to 15 kW. The inverter regulates the rotation speed of the motor, thus modifying the performance of the pump to adapt it to the conditions. A pump equipped with an inverter has several advantages which include less wear of mechanical components and reduction of water hammer risk on the system, hence a reduced life cost, along with energy saving and minimal impact on the environment thanks to reduced consumption.

Split case SKD series
The SKD series, SAER’s split case pumps, consists of more than 80 models (from 15 to 1200kW), with flow rates up to 4500 m³/h. The pumps are characterised by a robust design and highly efficient performances and the series features high suction capacity and low NPSHR values. One of the main advantages of pumps of this type is the low maintenance costs. The split case design allows maintenance operations to be performed without having to uninstall the pump from the piping.

To increase the degree of reliability and resistance, SAER offers SKD with double wear rings as standard, to protect the heart of the pump, and the double volute design allows the elimination of radial forces. Configurable with different types of materials, such as cast iron, AISI 316, bronze, super duplex, and different types of seals (packing, cartridge or mechanical), the range can be supplied vertically or horizontally mounted.