6th annual World of Pumps Quiz underway

The latest version of the quiz is underway with a new question posted every Monday until 3 April 2017.

The World of Pumps Quiz will feature additional interactive elements, including expert videos, infographics and product simulations. Question topics range from pump history and operational facts to pump design and best maintenance practices.

The World of Pumps Quiz leads up to the annual Pump Appreciation Day on the second Tuesday of April. Pump Appreciation Day recognizes pumps as “the heart of industry” and features awards highlighting outstanding organizations and industry professionals across the globe.

“Each year we are excited to recognize the fundamental role pumps play in our day-to-day lives and honor the manufacturing professionals who make invaluable contributions to the industry,” said Aris Chicles, president of ITT’s Industrial Process business. “For the past six years, we have seen great success with the World of Pumps Quiz program and are excited to continue the tradition.”

To enter the quiz, go to www.pumpappreciationday.com. Once quiz-takers answer the basic question correctly, they can sign up to receive automatic notifications when the next basic question is posted. Over the course of the quiz, participants can answer as many or as few questions as they like.

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