Advanced analytics from Arundo

Arundo Analytics, which produces analytical software for heavy industry, has released the Arundo Condition & Performance Monitoring application (CPM) for industrial equipment.

The Arundo CPM is a configurable machine learning, which the developer claims is the first end-to-end system for real-time pumping analytics in the cloud. The system is based on the latest advances in sensor technology, edge computing, cloud software and machine learning.

Direct data streaming

For the smart pumping system, this includes streaming measurement data directly from the equipment, such as flow rate, differential pressure, temperature, speed and power; streaming edge calculations based on these sensors, such as pump efficiency and pump head and machine learning analytics such as runtime efficiency and time in high vibration.

Impaired operations or failure of pumps may have significant consequences for operators. However, according to Arundo, prior to this system, the industry had no cloud-based solution that integrates machine learning and advanced data science for the early identification of operating anomalies.