Allweiler develops control system for screw pumps

The core element of Allspeed is Allweiler's proprietary control algorithm. It adaptively controls the associated frequency converter in real-time so the pump can adjust to changing conditions at individual tools in less than 500 ms. The system can provide speed jumps of up to 5,000 1/min. and pressure differentials of up to 120 bar. In addition, the pump has the ability to approach the tools' individual operating points directly and with high precision. It will not overshoot or continuously readjust on both sides of the target pressure. Due to a fast reaction time, the pump will also stop running as soon as the demand for coolant has stopped. As a result, standby losses and standby expenses approach zero. Allspeed also monitors motor temperature and other key values. The system automatically adjusts the flow rate and emits warnings when key values enter a threshold range.

Use of Allspeed in conjunction with Emtec pumps significantly lowers power costs and results in additional financial benefits. As an all-around plug-and-play system without expenses for programming and parameterizing, one pump size is able to handle a very wide range of pressures and capacities. In addition, operators can now use low-pulsation screw pumps instead of the more common centrifugal pumps up to 25 bar. In addition, maintenance intervals of the pump, controller, and piping are greatly extended. Allspeed replaces the valves of conventional systems, thereby eliminating wearing parts. Low-pulsation pumping is also gentler on the entire installation.