Almatec launches new high-pressure pump series AHD/AHS

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Almatec AHS (left) and AHD Series (right).
Almatec AHS (left) and AHD Series (right).

Debuted at IFAT 2016, the new pump series is said to be ideal for high-pressure applications up to 15 bar (218 psig).

A direct replacement for the AH Series, the AHD Series pumps are suitable for filter press applications and utilize an internal pressure booster while featuring the Almatec ring-tightening structure. The “D” in AHD stands for Duplex, which means the reinforcement of the drive pressure is more than 2:1 by the internal pressure boosting stage. This is achieved thanks to a maximum drive pressure of 7 bar (100 psig), which allows the AHD to build up discharge pressures up to 15 bar (218 psig).

The new AHS Series, which does not include an internal pressure booster, features a rugged housing, making it suitable for higher discharge pressures. The “S” in AHS stands from Simplex, meaning the drive pressure is transferred to the medium in a ratio of 1:1. This is said to make the series ideal for a wide variety of applications under heavy load conditions – from low discharge pressures to high-pressure applications up to 15 bar (218 psig).