Amarinth to supply bespoke API 610 VS4 pumps to Iraqi oil field

Amarinth has won an order from Iraq Gates Contracting Company for two bespoke API 610 12th Edition VS4 vertical pumps with Plan 53B seal support systems.

Amarinth API 610 VS4 pump with Plan 53B seal support system undergoing testing.
Amarinth API 610 VS4 pump with Plan 53B seal support system undergoing testing.

The 3.5m long flare drain pumps are for the Rumaila oil field, a super-giant oil field located 50km to the west of the city of Basra, southern Iraq.

Amarinth has previously successfully delivered ten API 610 OH1 condensate transfer pumps for the Rumaila field.

Space constraints in the tanks called for a particularly small support plate of just 30 inches in length and so Amarinth has designed a bespoke support plate for the VS4 pumps with a special arrangement that still enables Plan 53B seal support systems to be mounted at the side of the pumps.

The motors, seal support systems, and instrumentation will be IECEx certified and as with the previous order, the pumps will be inspected and witness tested by Bureau Veritas and supplied with a full legalised Iraq documentation package. The pumps are also required on an aggressive 25-week delivery from drawing approval.

Oliver Brigginshaw, managing director of Amarinth, said: “We are delighted with this latest order of bespoke API 610 VS4 vertical pumps from IGCC which underlines our on-going support and investment in Iraq. With the orders from IGCC, and the other contracts we have fulfilled in Iraq, we have developed an in-depth knowledge of the requirements of the Rumaila Operating Organization enabling us to design bespoke pumping solutions on short lead times that successfully meet their needs.”

Impeller wetted-end of Amarinth API 610 VS4 pump. -