Atlas Copco adds to rental pumps

Atlas Copco line-up of small rental and construction pumps
Atlas Copco line-up of small rental and construction pumps

Atlas Copco Portable Energy's line-up of small submersible pumps primarily intended for the light construction and general equipment rental industries. The WEDA 04S is a 0.4 kW on-site sludge / trash pump with a maximum flow of 270 lpm and a maximum head of 10.5 m. It complements the WEDA line of under 1 kW single-phase drainage, sludge and residual pumps released last year.

The WEDA 04S has a cast iron vortex impeller that is able to pump dirty water and handle solids up to 25mm in size. This makes the pump a practical choice for dewatering sewage in flooded building basements or on construction sites, removing rainwater from sandy or muddy ditches and excavation sites, or getting rid of unwanted water during maintenance of utility manholes.

The pump has a triple seal system (double mechanical shaft seals constructed from silicon carbide with an additional lip seal). Thermal protection gives the motor additional reliability and run-dry capabilities. Its low weight (10kg) and compact dimensions (372.5 mm H x 241 mm diameter) have been designed to ensure that the pump is easily portable from one dewatering task to the next.

'Our product range already included the WEDA 04, a 0.4 kW drainage pump, but we received requests for a small pump that could also handle solids. Our answer is the WEDA 04S,' explains Abet Cantuba, product marketing manager Pumps for Atlas Copco Portable Energy. 'In the future, we plan to expand our sludge / trash pump range to include larger kW power nodes which will be able to pump higher flows and handle larger sizes of solids. This will be important for applications in mines and municipal sewers.'

The Atlas Copco WEDA small range pumps further consists of: the WEDA 04 and WEDA 08 drainage pumps; the WEDA 04B residual pump that draws water down to 1mm; and the sand- and mud-resistant WEDA 08S sludge pump. Atlas Copco also offers a range of kits, hoses and coupling accessories for the WEDA pumps.

The CE-compliant 50 Hz variant of the WEDA 04S is available now from the Atlas Copco Portable OEM Solutions factory in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany. The CSA-UL approved 60 Hz version will be available in early 2014.