Aussie Pumps appoints Middle East distributor

Australian Pump Industries has appointed Ali Yaqoob Trading Co in Dubai as its exclusive distributor of Aussie Pumps products throughout the Middle East.

The Ali Yaqoob Trading Co team.
The Ali Yaqoob Trading Co team.

The Dubai company, operated by Raj Kripalani, serves the oil and gas industry, as well as earthmoving, construction and marine applications.

Aussie Pumps products were originally designed for the tough conditions of the Australian outback.

“We worked with major mining companies who helped us develop what are world class products, famous for their reliability and performance,” said Aussie Pumps export manager Melinda Jansen. “Our operating conditions in Australia are much like those found in the Middle East with ambient temperatures over 40°C in summer, occasional floods and consistent threat of drought, virtually every summer.”

The Aussie Pumps product range includes self priming centrifugal pumps, designed for use with diesel or petrol engine. The company also specialises in hydraulic drive self priming pumps for water tankers or for use on drill rigs or any other mobile application where hydraulics is the major motive force.