AxFlow acquires Swiss pump distributor W Moser

Headquartered in Winterthur, W Moser provides industrial pumps and cooling towers, spare parts and accessories to customers throughout Switzerland from its warehouse and central repair shop. In recent years, on-site repair and maintenance services have become an increasingly important part of W Moser’s business.

“W Moser is a solid, well-respected provider of industrial fluid handling equipment, cooling systems and related services to the pharmaceutical, chemical and general industry in Switzerland. The company has a strong market position in positive displacement pumps, especially AODD pumps from Sandpiper, Warren Rupp IDEX. Similarly, AxFlow in Switzerland has built a very strong product offering towards the food and beverage industry. Together we strengthen our offering to the Swiss market significantly. W Moser is a strategically important addition to our business and one that fits very well into the overall growth ambitions of AxFlow in Europe,” said Ole Weiner, CEO of AxFlow.

AxFlow has had an operation in Switzerland since 2001.

Michael Hartmann, managing director and former owner of W Moser AG, expects many benefits from the acquisition.

“AxFlow’s global resources, expertise and supplier network combined with strong, knowledgeable local representation ensure that customers can be provided the best fit for their needs. We very much look forward to contributing with our expertise, experience and relations to help build an even more attractive joint operation and offering to customers in Switzerland,” said Hartmann.