AxFlow replaces pumps at Royal Ballet School

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The building is in almost constant use and it was not possible to shut off the water supply during working hours. So AxFlow drew up a schedule that allowed them to enter the premises at 9 pm, shut off the water supply, remove the three existing pumps and replace them with new energy-efficient pumps.

Denis Yeoman of AxFlow GB said: “We took this opportunity to provide the Royal Ballet School with a cold-water booster solution that would make use of the existing manifold infrastructure and give an energy-saving solution that offered the greatest degree of flexibility for the building.”

AxFlow installed three Grundfos CR1-10-6 multi-stage Blueflux pumps fitted with Lowara Hydrovar inverters. Each pump has a middle curve capability of 11 m3/h at 45 m head. AxFlow also replaced the existing control panel with a 3-pump isolator panel.