BBA releases new BA300E: small footprint, high performance

With a length and width around 3 x 1 meter (122 x 41 inch) the BA300E is the most compact 12" pump unit in its class. The High Performance is delivered through the following features:

  • Capacity to 1250 m3/hr and 19 mwc / 5500 US GPM and 63 ft. (27 PSI) – and an excellent NPSH curve
  • A semi-open impeller with a free solids passage of no less than 120 x 105 mm
  • Dry self-priming through the MP100 vacuum pump (100m3/hr - 59 CFM)
  • Generally 10% less fuel consumption than the previous model

Enables the temporary diversion of sewers in cities with minimal disruption

“We received frequent requests for a more compact 12” waste water pump, this is because of the limited space available in urban areas for sewer bypass jobs.” says Henno Schothorst - Product Manager at BBA Pumps. “That’s why we are proud of this entirely new BA300E development, compared to the previous model it is now much easier to deploy for wastewater projects.” An overview of the differences between the “old” BA300K compared with the new BA300E:

  • BA300E dimensions: 20 cm narrower, 35 cm shorter and 20 cm lower
  • Weight: The BA300E weighs almost 600 kilos (1320 pounds) less
  • Reduced emissions: The modern 3.4 litre common-rail diesel engine comes fully equipped with a particulate filter and a catalytic converter (DPF/DOC).
  • Maximum control: Includes a high-end LC30 control panel