Caprari upgrades server reliability

To assist manage its complex international businesses Caprari has revised its corporate server room. This will also assist the Group’s move towards Industry 4.0, the automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies.

The room has been redesigned according to current safety standards in order to lower any risk factor. To limit the spread of possible disruptions, the area is split into separate environments, one each for a specific service and are accessible but isolated from the others. Five racks house the main servers consisting of SAP ERP and non-SAP ERP systems.

Ensuring reliablity

The decision expand the SAP ERP to run the Caprari Group's subsidiaries strengthens the hardware infrastructure to ensure maximum reliability and continuity. A 100 Kw power generator ensures the operations of the corporate server room and a dozen workstations placed in the emergency room. An office can perform minimum of critical operations even during unexpected blackouts.

Today, more than 40 servers host tens of terabytes of storage, both traditional disks and SSDs, and thousands of gigabytes of RAM memory are managed. The racks allow room to further expansion for years to come.

Caprari’s upgraded server will ensure customer reliability.
Caprari’s upgraded server will ensure customer reliability.