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Celeros Flow Technology to supply water injection packages for North Sea project

Celeros Flow Technology (Celeros FT) is providing two new water injection packages, including the electric motors and variable frequency drives (VFDs), for the AKER/OKEA power from shore project in the North Sea off the coast of Norway.

The Draugen platform
The Draugen platform

The new pump packages will replace gas turbine-driven units to take advantage of Norway’s abundant renewable electricity resources, helping to reduce the customer’s carbon footprint. The contract will be fulfilled by Celeros FT’s ClydeUnion Pumps brand, with the skidded packages being assembled at its flagship site in Glasgow.

Celeros Flow Technology has been appointed by Aker Solutions to supply the two new water injection packages as part of the Draugen platform electrification project. The Draugen platform is situated approximately 145 km off the coast of Norway. Aker Solutions has lead responsibility for the platform engineering and upgrading involved in its electrification. The project involves replacement of both the main power and water injection pump turbines with an electrical power supply from a new substation onshore. It is estimated that the project, which is scheduled for completion in 2026, will yield a CO2 saving of up to 200,000 tonnes per year.

Tommy Kassem, CCO of Celeros FT, said: “Decarbonization of the global energy supply chain is a critical part of reducing climate change impacts and securing a cleaner future. This involves upgrading existing oil & gas assets as well as developing new renewable resources. Celeros FT is primed to support both new and existing operators as they adapt to using alternative, greener sources of energy.”

The electrically powered water injection packages by Celeros FT brand ClydeUnion Pumps will replace gas-turbine powered units, reducing CO2 consumption by up to 200,000 tonnes per year -