China’s Pumps & Valves Innovation Awards: Energy efficiency is the future

Among the winners were Grundfos China, Liberty Pumps, KSB and Nanfang Pump Industry Co., Ltd., who shared their big moment with the panel of judges, experts from industry associations and media representatives at the 4th edition of this annual event.

Award-winning products were highlighted at an innovation zone during the 3-day show, China’s largest Pumps & Valves event, which attracted many buyers and visitors. Winners also shared the technology behind their solutions during a well-attended seminar held to further promote their innovations. Significantly, almost all the winning entries offered energy-saving solutions.

Pumps are among the largest consumers of electricity, accounting for nearly 20% of total electricity consumption. Even slightest increase of pump's energy efficiency can bring enormous benefits to both business and society.

With the government strengthening environmental standards, energy savings will be the long-term focus of future developments in the pump industry. Therefore this year, the awards emphasized energy savings and high operating efficiency as a very important criteria.

After 6-month nationwide Entry & Nomination stage, 34 products from 32 companies in total participated in the final competition. Products consist of four categories which are ?Centrifugal Pumps, ?Positive Displacement Pumps, ?Jet Pumps & Other Pump Types, ?Valves, Seals, and Ancillary and Other Products. Final results were decided by the independent panel of judges from industry associations and research institutions.

Meanwhile many submissions and ultimately winners were selected from local companies. This says a lot about how the domestic industry is raising its standards not only to satisfy domestic consumer needs but to compete globally.

Honesty, fairness and transparency have won Ringier Technology Innovation Awards wide attention and recognition, according to award organizer Ringier Trade Media Limited.

“The most important elements in any awards program is that it must be honest, it must be fair, and it must be transparent, and in our case, that it truly identifies ‘Innovation’,” noted Mike Hay, president of Ringier Trade, during the ceremony. “Thus it is the independent panel of experts – the judges who play the key role in the selection of the winners, which is the one important feature that make this award special and different from other programs in China.”

The annual event was held by Ringier Trade Media, in cooperation with World Pumps.