Chinese event expands its scope

The annual Gas Turbine World China Summit 2013 will be expanded to cover the entire gas turbine sector, its organisers have said. 

Scheduled to be held during 30-31 October in Shanghai, the expansion has been driven after the first two years of the event proved successful. It is being billed as China’s inaugural aircraft engine technology conference of significance.

"GTWC 2013 will broaden its scope to cover the full range of the gas turbine industry," said Grace Xu, sales manager for the Summit.

"China has committed heavy investments to achieve technical capability to domestically mass-produce high-performance gas turbines to power electricity generation, aerospace and marine industry, which provide enormous opportunities for gas turbine stakeholders."

China is turning to natural gas to meet its power demands, and according to the natural gas development plan for 12th FYP approved by NDRC in 2012, China’s natural gas supply capacity will exceed 260Bcm by 2015, gas-fired power generation capacity will grow 16.2% annually to reach 56 GW/year by 2015, with about 1,000 projects of natural gas DES, and ten distributed energy demonstration areas to be built.

GTWC 2013 will be focus on gas turbine technologies and applications covering next-generation aero engine developments, heavy duty gas turbines and combined cycle power plant, together with aero-derivative gas turbine advancement, turbine design and optimization, manufacturing material and metallurgy as well as turbine operation and maintenance.