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Colfax at the Global Petroleum Show

The Colfax Fluid Handling Booth 7220 will feature:

Multiphase pumping technology

• Two-screw multiphase pumping technology enables higher flow rates and increased production by lowering wellhead pressures. Colfax Fluid Handling partners with its customers to deliver a reliable, environmentally friendly, economic and efficient solution that includes a multiphase pumping module, power supply unit, power distribution and control unit. Multiphase technology offers significant increases in production by boosting the full well stream mixture of oil, water, gas and solid particles to a central production facility via a single pipeline. The result: simplified operations, minimal field footprint with no need for in-situ flaring or wellhead separators.

Pump terminal solutions

• Two-screw pump terminal solutions provide flexibility in transferring a variety of feedstocks reliably and efficiently from vessels to storage, or from storage to vessels. Colfax Fluid Handling two-screw pumps provide terminal operations with higher flow rates that allow transfer to occur efficiently and with less maintenance. Facilities may realize equipment savings with fewer pumps required to handle a job that may have previously required multiple pumps for varying viscosities.

Pipeline and transportation

• Pipeline and transportation fluid handling solutions deliver efficient, dependable transportation of crude oil from upstream production operations to storage facilities through the use of positive displacement pumps. Colfax Fluid Handling’s process simplifies overall control while increasing efficiency and reliability and while lowering the overall cost.

Reliability Services

• Reliability Services solutions keep rotating equipment operating at peak performance. Colfax Fluid Handling serves the hydrocarbon processing industry with a comprehensive portfolio of lubrication management and chemical cleaning services from Clarus, COT-Puritech SM, LSC, Sicelub/Lubritech® and Total Lubrication Management SM. Products and services include lube system oil flushes for commissioning, turnaround or emergency projects; Lubrimist oil mist generators that reduce expenses through increased recycling and reduced discharge; and Thermojet oil purifiers that return oil to like-new conditions without impacting additives or properties.