Commercial breakthrough for Grundfos LIFELINK

The strategic alliance project will enable Grundfos LIFELINK in Kenya and the Kenya Red Cross Society to deliver safe drinking water to 150 000 people over the next five years.

The Kenya Red Cross Society said: “Community based water projects have in the past been faced with enormous challenges, including but not limited to: high frequency of systems breakdown, funds mismanagement, un-accountability to the larger community by the project committee officials, and lack of/inadequate basic operations and maintenance skills. To improve and strengthen the gains made by the KRCS under the water and sanitation department, a strategic alliance has been established with Grundfos LIFELINK pioneers of an innovative water system that tackles these challenges, thereby ensuring project sustainability.”

Grundfos LIFELINK (Kenya) Ltd, a subsidiary of Grundfos LIFELINK A/S, was established towards the end of 2008 to introduce the LIFELINK concept in Kenya as a pilot project which will later be rolled out in other developing countries.