Curtiss-Wright to provide 16 reactor coolant pumps for Chinese AP1000 nuclear power plants

Shipment of the 16 Curtiss-Wright RCPs is not expected to begin until 2019.

The contracts have a total potential value of approximately US$500 million including incentives.

“We are extremely excited to announce the receipt of these new AP1000 contracts, which mark a major milestone in Curtiss-Wright’s history and build on our legacy as a critical provider of next-generation commercial nuclear power plant technology,” said David Adams, chairman and CEO of Curtiss-Wright. “Further, these agreements expand our long-standing relationship with our China partners, and reinforce our ongoing support for China’s growing nuclear power program. Through our innovative reactor coolant pump technology, we are proud to be a significant player in building the safest and most advanced nuclear reactors in the world.”

Under a prior contract received in 2007, Curtiss-Wright is producing a total of 16 RCPs for two AP1000 nuclear plants currently under construction in China, which include Sanmen Units 1 and 2 in Zhejiang Province and Haiyang Units 1 and 2 in Shandong Province. In November 2015, Curtiss-Wright successfully completed the shipment of the first pair of AP1000 RCPs for Sanmen Unit 1 in China, the world’s first AP1000 nuclear power plant, and recently completed the shipment of the second pair of RCPs for Sanmen Unit 1. Curtiss-Wright expects to ship the remaining 12 RCPs under this original China contract during 2016. The RCPs, which circulate coolant water throughout the reactor, are the largest canned motor pumps ever designed and manufactured by Curtiss-Wright.

Curtiss-Wright produces the RCPs at its Electro-Mechanical Division (EMD) facility in Cheswick, Pennsylvania.