Eaton updates X20 portfolio

Eaton has made updates to its X20 portfolio of open circuit piston pumps.
Eaton has made updates to its X20 portfolio of open circuit piston pumps.

Power management company, Eaton, has recently announced a series of new controls and updates for the company’s X20 portfolio of open circuit piston pumps.

These include electronic displacement control across all X20 displacements, an updated pressure/flow control, and a new hydro mechanical torque control for the 620 Series pumps.

These, together with electrohydraulic pressure controls, enable the X20 portfolio to offer a comprehensive range of controls, which will enable the pump to integrate more easily into sophisticated machine control systems.

The Electronic Displacement Control (EDC) varies the swash angle proportionally per the electric current, providing greater flexibility in machine design which allows multiple functions with different system requirements to individually operate while delivering precise use of the total power available.

The X20 portfolio EDC is available on all displacements from 28-98 cm3 with two different configurations, default to full displacement (“EP”) or default to zero displacement upon loss of electronic signal, (“EPD”).  This permits the EDC to be used in applications such as cooling fan drives or concrete machinery, where hydraulic flow must be maintained even in the event of an electrical failure, ensuring safe and stable operations on the field.