Edwards Vacuum reveals dry claw vacuum pump

The nEDC300 from Edwards Vacuum is the latest iteration of mono claw vacuum pumps which boasts a range of inventive attributes that not only boost performance but also minimise noise levels, improve reliability, and facilitate on-site maintenance.

nEDC300 by Edwards Vacuum
nEDC300 by Edwards Vacuum

This means that it can be used in a wide range of applications, such as water and wastewater treatment, thermoforming, vacuum conveying, food processing or even in medical systems. In these processes, the dry claw pump guarantees its users a reliable, cost-effective operation with easy maintenance options.

"All in all, with the nEDC300 we have developed an uncomplicated vacuum solution that is closely oriented to the standards and quality requirements of the target markets," reports Megha Ajmal, Product Manager at Edwards Vacuum. "This claw pump features stainless steel rotors as well as a durable stator coating safeguarding its process wetted parts which ensures robustness in effective contaminant handling. The nEDC series of mono claw vacuum pumps stands out as the intelligent option in many rough applications.," adds Megha Ajmal.

This has been achieved mainly through the modular design of the Edwards dry claw pumps. A separate, insulated pump element also makes the inside of the pump easily accessible to users for maintenance, repairs and cleaning. This means that the nEDC claw pump can be cleaned quickly and easily by the customer and then put back into operation meaning lower cost of ownership and less downtime for the customers.