Enerpac's portable XC-Pump revolutionising ski-lift maintenance

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Critical on-site inspection and removal of roller conveyors for ski-slope chairlifts high in the Italian Alps is being made easier and safer using a battery powered, Enerpac XC-Pump and torque wrench kit.

Ensuring the smooth running of the roller conveyors used to support steel wire cable is essential to the safe operation and movement of chairlifts between the departure and arrival stations via intermediate pylons. 

Inspecting the 16 pylon roller conveyors ahead of the skiing season involves checking the integrity of the conveyors bolting through torque checking and visual inspection. A W2000X Enerpac Torque Wrench fitted with a hexagonal cassette in a range of sizes up to 46mm is used, in combination with the XC-Pump battery pump. When inspecting the pylon roller conveyors, where the engineer is working at heights up to 25m, the portability of the XC-Pump is vital.

“The XC-Pump is ideal for this kind of application in remote, and often difficult to access locations and where power may not be readily available,” says Silvio Di Matteo, Account Manager, Enerpac. 

“The combination of Enerpac torque wrench and XC-Pump allows both inspection and removal of the roller conveyors to be accomplished with a single tool set. It is also much safer for the operator by avoiding the use of manual wrenches with extensions to generate high torques (over 1200 Nm), especially when working at height.”

Typically, every five years the pylon roller conveyors assemblies are removed completely for detailed workshop inspection and maintenance, here too the Enerpac torque wrench and XC-Pump are used. In the workshop, the roller conveyors are disassembled to check the components that cannot be seen during interim inspections, especially the pins. Both visual checks and NDT (non-destructive testing) are carried out on the pins. Then, the pin bushings and the roller bearings are changed. In addition, all welds are checked with magnetoscopic and ultrasound examinations.