Expanite breakthrough with stainless steel surface hardening

Stainless steel is the material of choice where corrosion and/or migration properties are of importance and is thus well suited for the food & beverage processing industry. In many cases, however, the relatively soft surface of stainless steels is prone to excessive wear and/or galling. This is a major concern, especially in pumps where abrasive and corrosive media is handled.

Expanite’s surface hardening for stainless steel allows parts to be treated with very short lead times but it also sets new standards for wear and corrosion resistance. With this treatment, it’s possible to increase the surface hardness of stainless steels by a factor of 10, while maintaining or even improving corrosion resistance.

This method is considered unique since it’s suitable for austenitic-, ferritic-, martensitic and duplex stainless steels. The Expanite process also significantly improves resistance against issues such as galling, cavitation erosion and abrasive wear.  

Expanite treatment can improve the surface on both screw and positive displacement pumps parts.