Explosion Proof Blancett Flow Monitor

Blancett’s new explosion-proof B3100 flow monitor.
Blancett’s new explosion-proof B3100 flow monitor.

Bell Flow Systems is now offering the B3100 flow monitor from US manufacturer Blancett, which is explosion-proof in accordance with ATEX, IECEx, FM and CSA c-us.

The B3100 has user-friendly "thru-glass" operation, using finger proximity detecting buttons. It allows data logging, remote data access and programming without the need to open the enclosure, ensuring application integrity in demanding installations.

The B3100's remote programming facility allows for full configuration of the flow monitor. The software automatically detects the monitor and downloads the stored data. Configurations for multiple units can be saved on a PC, and configuration data can be changed and easily uploaded back to the monitor.

The flow monitor's backlit LED display shows flow rate, total, measuring units and a flow rate-indicating graphic, with hourly flow totals and settings which are logged in an archive. Each log contains flow rate, flow total, accumulated total, time and date stamp with log number for accountability and quality control.