Field trial success for Energy Recovery’s VorTeq pumping system

Working with Liberty Oilfield Services, full scale field testing of the VorTeq system at a horizontal well in North Dakota’s Bakken Formation concluded in December 2015. The VorTeq system was employed in a proppant-laden slickwater well completion.

Energy Recovery’s President and CEO Joel Gay said that the completion of this field test is a critical step towards full commercialization of VorTeq. “This success is the consequence of exhaustive testing and refinement of the VorTeq system and our PX Pressure Exchanger technology utilized as a pump,” said Gay.

Ron Gusek, vice president of Technology & Development at Liberty Oilfield Services said: “The VorTeq system proved its mettle in a very challenging environment. We are excited about this technology and the real cost savings this application can provide us in the field.”

VorTeq uses Energy Recovery’s PX Pressure Exchanger technology to pressurise fluids without exposing pumps to the highly abrasive proppants that cause frequent equipment failure and significant lost time for crews in the field.

In October 2015, Energy Recovery announced a 15-year licencing deal with Schlumberger, which will give Schlumberger exclusive rights to use VorTeq technology for its global onshore hydraulic fracturing operations. The deal provided a US$75 million exclusivity fee to Energy Recovery and includes two separate US$25 million payments subject to Energy Recovery meeting certain key performance milestones expected to be evaluated in 2016.