FlowMarque’s V-flume measures flow

FlowMarque's V flume.
FlowMarque's V flume.

The V-flumes can be used to monitor flow in open channels at the inlets and outlets of wastewater treatment plants as well as the discharge of wastewater from most industrial processes. Monitoring must be carried out in conjunction with any pumping process in order to continually evaluate the system to maintain optimal efficiency.

FlowMarque's structures can test for accuracy, low maintenance, reduced head loss and reliability when measuring water flow with debris and sedimentary solids.   

The V-flumes have a unique design where, unlike the V-notch weiri there is no weir plate, which immediately reduces the amount of pumping required. The lack of a weir plate also eliminates the build up of sediment resulting in smoother flow, greater accuracy of head measurement and eliminates maintenance costs. The exit transition enables 80% head recovery and this combined with the reduced head loss makes the V-flume a more efficient hydrometric structures.

The V-flumes offer a high degree of accuracy even in challenging hydraulic conditions with measurement uncertainty typically of 4%. It has been calibrated on an UKAS accredited ISO 17025 hydraulics rig. The structures are constructed from stainless steel and can be inserted directly into an open channel, drain or culvert.