Flowserve completes engineering of pumping systems for CSP plants in Africa

Manufacturing is underway at Flowserve facilities in Coslada and Arganda, Spain and in Desio, Italy.

The 160 MW Ouarzazate Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Complex in Morocco is the first phase of a larger project. The 50 MW Bokpoort CSP Independent Power Project is located near Groblershoop in South Africa and uses the same design as the Ouarzazate facility.

Both projects are CSP plants that focus the sun’s energy on mirrors shaped like parabolic troughs. Heat transfer fluid is pumped through a glass tube at the centre of the parabolic troughs to absorb solar energy. The heat from the high-temperature fluid is then used to generate steam to power a standard steam turbine, which generates electricity, and partially transferred to molten salt storage tanks during the peak solar radiation periods to extend the electricity generation.

The Ouarzazate project will have enough molten salt storage to allow operation up to 3.5 hours after sunset, while the Bokpoort project will allow operation up to 9 hours after sunset.

The Flowserve pumping systems for these two CSP plants use heavy-duty, radially split, between bearings pumps for heat transfer fluid (HTF) and vertical turbine pumps for molten salt service.

The HTF pumps use variable frequency drives designed to regulate pump speed and optimize the efficiency of the system at elevated temperatures and pressures. These large double suction pumps are engineered to meet ISO 13709/API 610 (BB2) standards.

In addition to the HTF and molten salt services, Flowserve will also supply the boiler feed water, condensate extraction, cooling water and auxiliary HTF pumps.


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