Flowserve introduces Worcester Cryogenic ball valves to help control fugitive emissions

Flowserve Corporation has unveiled the Worcester Cryogenic series, featuring quarter-turn floating ball valves renowned for reliability in LNG, hydrogen, and various industrial gas and cryogenic applications.

Worcester Cryogenic ball
Worcester Cryogenic ball

These valves, available in three-piece (CF44 series) and flanged (CF51/CF52 series) configurations, boast a high-strength stem and an enhanced live-loaded stem seal for exceptional fugitive emissions control. The modular bolted bonnet design not only provides cost-effective flexibility but also reduces spare parts inventories, contributing to a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Daniel Dillon, Global Product Leader Specialty Ball Valves at Flowserve, highlighted that Worcester Cryogenic ball valves meet global fire-safe and fugitive emissions standards, with third-party testing confirming compliance, even with hydrogen. Positioned as enablers in aerospace, food and beverage, defense, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, steel, and biofuels industries, these valves are versatile, catering to LNG applications such as gasification, loading and unloading, processing, refrigeration, and transportation. Designed to meet requirements for hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and ammonia processes, Worcester Cryogenic valves feature a redesigned bonnet configuration ensuring robust stem sealing for fugitive emissions compliance across thermal ranges.

Dillon emphasised the valves' role in supporting energy transition initiatives and hydrogen production, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The cryogenic bolted bonnet, with standardized global design for flanged and three-piece valve models, simplifies maintenance, reduces spare parts inventories, and aligns with API 607, API 641, ISO 15848, and PED certification requirements. The modular bolted design enhances worldwide availability and competitive lead times, reflecting Flowserve's commitment to standardizing Worcester Cryogenic valve design, materials, and construction.