Flowserve releases isobaric energy recovery device

Flowserve Corp has launched the new Flowserve FLEX isobaric energy recovery device, a next-generation compact pressure exchanger for reverse osmosis plants.

The Flowserve FLEX isobaric energy recovery device.
The Flowserve FLEX isobaric energy recovery device.

The Flowserve FLEX pressure exchanger is designed to be one of the most efficient and compact energy recovery devices on the market. With its ability to recover more than 98% of hydraulic energy and offer the highest unit capacity available, the FLEX pressure exchanger can reduce the cost of desalination by lowering operating and capital expenditures.

With a simple design, the Flowserve FLEX has only four major internal components and is enabled for remote monitoring through Flowserve’s RedRaven IOT platform – helping provide high reliability and ensure uptime for end users.

The Flowserve FLEX isobaric energy recovery device. -

“Desalination is a critical process in providing people around the world with access to fresh drinking water and it is more important now than ever before as the global demand for clean water continues to accelerate,” said Scott Rowe, Flowserve president and CEO. “With our Diversification, Decarbonization and Digitization strategy as the blueprint for our path forward, the Flowserve FLEX represents a significant step in further expanding our reach in the desalination market and advancing our sustainable solutions.”

“While Flowserve has long supported the desalination market – with Flowserve equipment installed in a majority of the world’s desalination plants – we expect to further add value to our customers through our enhanced portfolio of energy recovery equipment,” said Tamara Morytko, president, Flowserve pumps division. “We are excited about the benefits this innovation will provide our customers and we are proud of the role it will play in delivering clean water to those in need and making the world better for everyone.”