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Fuel recirculating system features back-up pump

The DPU, or Duplex Pump Unit, is the newest model of RCI’s Fuel Recirculating Systems (FRS). RCI says that it is designed to circulate and clean the fuel in customers’ fuel storage tanks automatically on a pre-programmed schedule. The DPU features two fuel pumps, which operate alternately to circulate the fuel through the system. RCI’s other FRS units utilise a single pump.

“The benefit of the duplex pumps is that, in case of primary system failure, the customer always has the security and peace of mind provided by a back-up pump,” RCI president Robert Randle said.

All FRS units employ RCI’s patented filterless technology, using no filters or moving parts. The FRS is used for primary fuel purification and removes 100% of all free water, including emulsified water, and up to 98% of the normal solid or particulate contaminates found in fuel, including sludge and algae.

According to RCI, all FRS units are UL-listed and Green Clean certified, and the control system is housed in a weatherproof, NEMA 4, key-lockable cabinet. The system is equipped with alarms to alert the user in the event of pump failure, purifier high water level, system high pressure and fuel catch basin leak.