Graham Corp expands in turobomachinery with acquisition of P3 Technologies

Graham Corporation has acquired P3 Technologies LLC, a custom turbomachinery engineering, product development and manufacturing business for the space, new energy and medical markets.

Based in Jupiter, Florida, P3 Technologies develops rotating machinery including pumps, compressors and turbines, and is a specialist in high-speed rotors and cryogenic pumps.

“This is an excellent demonstration of the acquisition element of our growth strategy,” said Daniel Thoren, president and CEO of Graham Corp. “P3 is an ideal bolt on business and brings highly complementary technology that enhances and expands our turbomachinery solutions.”

P3’s intellectual property portfolio includes the patented Multi-Channel Diffuser (MCD) and Self-Contained Actuating Magnetic Pump (SCAMP).

The MCD is diffuser technology that improves the efficiency of pumps and compressors by increasing pressure recovery up to 20% and measurably increasing operating range. The MCD can be used in new designs or retrofit applications and can work with any pump or compressor that utilizes a centrifugal impeller.

SCAMP is a family of positive displacement pumps for low flow, high pressure cryogenic applications compatible with oxygen, hydrogen, methane and nitrogen.

P3 also has developed a family of turbopumps ranging in thrust from 5 thousand to 200 thousand pounds. The turbopumps are designed using state-of-the-art flow path design enabled by additive manufacturing to provide higher performance at competitive prices.

P3 was acquired from its sole owner who, along with P3’s leadership team, will remain with the company.