H2O Innovation awarded 5 new water and wastewater projects

H2O Innovation Inc has secured five new water and wastewater projects in North America together worth C$4.1 million.

The first contract is for a pre-packaged wastewater treatment system using membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology, that will treat 75 000 GPD (284 m3/day). This is a first MBR system for H2O Innovation in the state of Texas. The city will use the treated wastewater to irrigate the sports fields of a regional park and during wet periods, the plant will discharge the treated wastewater into a nearby stream.

“We are increasing our momentum in the strategic market of Texas. After several notable water treatment systems installed and an operation & maintenance contract won in this state, we can now add a wastewater treatment system to our portfolio,” said David Faber, vice president – Capital Project Sales at H2O Innovation.

The second project is a partial upgrade to an existing system that will supply process water to an energy company in the US Midwest. Ceramic membranes will be used as pre-treatment to a reverse osmosis system, treating 130 GPM (708 m3/day) from nearby lake water and effluent from tertiary treated wastewater.

The other three contracts were awarded by Canadian municipalities. H2O Innovation will supply a nanofiltration (NF) system that will provide 330 GPM (1800 m3/day) of drinking water for a city in Newfoundland; an NF system that will treat surface water to produce 220 GPM (1199 m3/day) of drinking water for a municipality in the Northern Quebec region, and NF technology for a beer producer in New Brunswick.