Hayward Tyler secures three US nuclear orders

Dominion Nuclear has ordered three sets of replacement columns for the specialist water circulating pumps at Dominion’s Millstone Nuclear Power Plant in Waterford, Connecticut. The first of the outer column sets will be shipped by Hayward Tyler Inc this month. The remaining sets will be fabricated at Hayward Tyler's Vermont plant and will be delivered in 2011.

The Public Service Enterprise Group has ordered a mission critical seal-less pump for use in the reactor water clean up phase at the Hope Creek nuclear power station in New Jersey. The Hayward Tyler pump is scheduled for delivery in December 2011. A second pump is expected to be purchased in 2011 for delivery in December 2012.

The third order is from Hatch Nuclear for a 125 hp reactor water clean-up pump spare motor for the Hatch Nuclear Power Station in Baxley, Georgia. The spare motor pump is scheduled for delivery mid-2011.