HI broadens associate membership to include suppliers to pump industry

The new bylaw allows companies that manufacture products such as motors, variable speed or other drivers, seals and sealing systems, bearings, component parts, gears, couplings, gauges, instrumentation and controls, coatings, lubricants and lubricating systems or the design and development of pump-specific software, to become associate members of HI, regardless of where the goods are manufactured but provided that the corporation or firm sells into the North American market.

Companies that integrate, manufacture and assemble pumps and pumping components into a system or modular solution are also eligible for HI associate membership. Eligibility is not dependent on where the integration, manufacture and assembly occur but on the corporation selling these products into the North American market.

By opening membership eligibility to new pump-specific manufacturing specialties the HI hopes that it will gain additional expertise and manpower in the development of its ANSI/HI Pump Standards.