Hidrostal launches new digital solutions for pump monitoring and control

Hidrostal has developed HidroSmart, a new monitoring and control unit for all types of pumps.

Both the device itself and the web application have been designed with flexibility in mind, offering a solution for every installation.

Through the Hidrostal web application, it is possible to access live and historical data at any time and ensure that pumps are operating as they should. Alternatively, HidroSmart can be integrated into existing SCADA systems via Modbus or be modified in many other ways if required.

With the HidroScope vibration extension module, advanced vibration analysis can be performed.

The respective sensors are connected directly to the HidroSmart and HidroScope units installed in an electrical cabinet. They are lightweight, easy to mount on a DIN rail and powered by 24 VDC. The HidroSmart can also be connected to a laptop on site by Ethernet to read out the stored data through the Hidrostal technician tool.

The information obtained with HidroSmart and HidroScope can be used to plan and improve pump maintenance, check pump performance, and send alarms to the operator in case of problems. The data can be viewed online in the web application, in the customer’s own SCADA system, or exported through the web application or the technician tool.