HMS Group to provide pumping units for Russian thermal power plant

HMS Group’s Hydromashservice is supplying a large batch of pumping units to Inter RAO – Engineering for the Primorskaya TPP (thermal power plant) which is currently under construction in Svetly, in Russia’s Kaliningrad region.

The AD700-700 circulation pumping units are designed to supply cooling water to the steam turbine condenser. The units are equipped with DeLium series double suction pumps with 8500 m³/h capacity and 22 m of the pressure head. The pumps are manufactured by HMS Livgidromash, also part of the HMS Group.

The feed water pumps, which will supply water to the stationary steam boilers, are based on PE 400-185-1 pumps with improved flow path and high efficiency to provide 277 m³/h capacity and 2100 m of pressure head.

Primorskaya TPP comprises three steam-power units with a total capacity of 195 MW.